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Analyzing in the direction of the recent cyprus news Xkarfoma online says that The family member's friend and the friend's daughter was appointed to move the Secretariat of the European Union. The organizational coordinator of the Eu Union Administration resting on Cyprus, Mr. Andreas Moleskis e-newsletter without understand appointed his family member's daughter.He gave into his daughter's roommate in Athanasios Kagiara, 28 years old. It offers its services and products for 24 months, in comparison with 119,000 Euro.Ultimately it's the benefit of the democratic pro-other people govt Demetris Christofias. Recognized to the Leader all about??? Examining in the direction of the latest cyprus news Xkarfoma online affirms that Kid genius paints his visions. . . Direct flights from Cyprus en direction for Samos Direct flights from Cyprus to Samos, the airline begins''Astra Airways'', will get started on July 8 to perform direct flights from Cyprus to Samos. The provider will doubtless be from Larnaca airport and transports Cypriot tourists in the gorgeous island of Samos.In fact, as quickly as a small-scale rival Cyprus Airways that is segregated from Samos and Cyprus Airways.In protecting with Mr. Samos airport master manuka flights will probably be made till past due summer. Reading additionally toward the updated cyprus news Xkarfomave affirms that Surprising advocate Greece's Netanyahu New lobbyist for Greece 'and' unexpected recommend of Greek efforts for revival that includes the Top Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, the Jerusalem Submit newspaper article revealed nowadays in the.The Israeli high minister, talking the day before today with French International Minister, Alain Juppe, called on EU international locations to assist Greece and praised the Greek executive's dealing with of theaddress the industrial crisis.Always in retaining with the newspaper, Netanyahu, who speaks ceaselessly with the Greek Top Minister George Papandreou, with whom he maintained a detailed dating, seemed optimistic that the Greek economy will recuperate and prosper again.Similar statements had been made by approach of the Netanyahu and the day past, at a meeting with U.S. Senator Mark Kirk.The Jerusalem Publish notes that even Olmert is using his recognition as a pace-setter with a good working out of monetary problems so as to encourage the buddies of Israel to toughen the Greek efforts. Al Qaeda affirmed jihad in Europe! Finally issues are stepping into position, each one goes to where and the place of business of Mr. Anthony armozei.Studying in addition in the direction of the recent cyprus news Xkarfomave claims thatMr. . right course.Mr. Koutalianos is a detailed affiliate of Mr. Yiannakis Homer.In favor of Mr. Anthony Koutalianou is the fact that they're experienced, onerous-running and organizing. Reading moreover in the direction of the updated confirmed news cyprus Xkarfomave says thatGreek islands have been opened meant for the Turks. The Turkish newspaper Milliyet shows that in Greece as a end result of the memorandum with the IMF havefted the whole restrictions on the belongings market even in border areas. The Milliyet wrote that any more even non-citizens and voters of EU and Turkish words. Necessarily urges Turks to buy assets in Greece. The Turkish newspaper additionally writes that he hasfted the ban and across the space of Thessaloniki. nks